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characteristic of silk:

low density, light and comfortable, shaperetaining, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Strongest known natural fibre.

We offer silk shawls patterned or single coloured, double woven and also silk-pashmina (30%silk, 70% pashmina).

Various width:: 0,30m / 0,50m / 0,70m.
  When you drive through the countryside in cashmere you see many „maulberryfarms“.

Maulberry silk (bombyx mori)
Silk is known as high quality by means of the extreme fine and even fibre.

This textile fibre is produced from the cocoons of the silk caterpillar, the larva of the silkspider.

As the silk caterpillars mostely eat the leaves of the maulberrytree one speaks of "maulberry silk". India is known as a main producer.


Interessting facts about silk:

Had you known that:

a rope of silk can carry more weight than an equally thick metal rope?
half a kilogramm caterpillars eat up to 12.000 kilogramme maulberry leaves?
a silkspider from birth until growth eats 40.000 times its weight from maulberry leaves?
to produce one kilo of raw silk you need 10 kilo cocoons?
the lenght of one cocoon thread can reach up to 4000 meters?
you need more than 25 maulberry trees to produce 3 kilos of silk?
a silkspider can spin up to 15 meters/minute?
a silkspider, 4 weeks after birht gains 25 times its weight?
it is no wonder thqt silk is traded as a most valuable fibre.