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We also handle necklesses, rings, pandants, abd earrings made out of 925 silver. You find these jewellery pieces also decorated with gems like garnet, amethyst or topaz.



When the "moguls" came to cashmere (1526) they introduced a traditional handicraft which local artists continued. Finest handpainting on various forms with individual ornaments.

Papermasche is produced out of wood or wood particles. The traditional handicraft is used by artists through the centuries. The patterns are paimted by hand on various shapes and forms.

This artcraft is usually exercised by men who are familiar with individual patterns. They work therefore very speedly.


Our assortment: Easter eggs, x-mas decorations like balls, bells, stars. etc. and boxes of various sizes.



Jackets and coats:

Jackets and coats are manufactured of fine silk or pure wool, hand embroidered or machine-embroidered. The inner lining is made of silk.